Zerto is in the business of data recovery. It has therefore come up with solutions to assist companies to recover data after failures. They offer data protection, recovery and migration in the event of a disaster.

Zerto is an Israeli firm which has secured million financing in a campaign managed by US fund IVP. It is able to assist companies Data Recovery Services after catastrophes and transfers it to the cloud or to virtual data centres.

Zerto also recorded a 100 percent increase in its turnover in 2015, which was the fourth year in a row that the firm logged such notable results. It is a promising firm with global nominations from institutions such as Globes.

Furthermore, the company will use the funds to expand its operations, and enhance the effectiveness of its software and technologies. It also aims to make its software usable in a range of industries. Similarly, Zerto aims to make its products adoptable by most customers.

IVP championed the financing which saw investors like Access Industries and Caltech invest in Zerto. In addition, all current investors such as Battery Ventures, 83North, RTP Ventures, Harmony Partners, Mark Leslie and U.S. Venture Partners added to the contribution. In addition, these existing investors have a place in the directing of Zerto through representation in the Board of Directors.

Data Recovery

Zerto released an upgrade of its Virtual Replication data recovery software which works across multiple platforms and can easily be used in different environments. It is a solution that is meant to serve the market’s current and future needs.

Zerto’s Information Technology strategy further cushions this firm to handle tough situations through fostering the use of Youtube centers that exist in hybrid, private and public cloud structures. They even have to host on Amazon Web Services. It is therefore a company that can support cloud companies to enhance their revenue. They do this by offering disaster recovery as a service for such firms.

Moreover, Zerto has about 300 employees in total, and is a company that Oded Kedem and Brothers Ziv founded in 2010. It has extensive database infrastructure and facilitates the operations of a number of companies.

It is moving to support companies that use remote cloud computers. Besides hosting clients’ data, the customers can run a secondary data centre to serve their interests in the event of database errors.

Zerto is able to duplicate both data and applications for its clients to enable smooth recovery or operation after a disaster. It further makes use of layers of automation, management and multiple processes for redundancy.

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