data recovery announced the update of free raw file system recovery as an important breakthrough. Which has proven to be true. It has been able to prove so because it is able to convert RAW and CHKDSK which is not available in another RAW drives. 

To make it even better it is free and always releases an update to its software. One of the features is that it does deep scan recovery hence making it easy to scan and search for retrieval data within no time. It also ensures no further damage in your Data Recovery system when retrieving information. It is the safest solution and to understand why it is an important breakthrough, it is able to retrieve data which was lost long time ago. 

It is compatible with almost all operating system including the latest windows 10, MBR and GPT disks. It is able to deep scan without necessarily formatting it and it can still recover safely your data even when it is unrecognized or the disk is formatted! 

Data Recovery

Generally it is able to recover partition whether it is lost or stolen even when the partition is not detected by the device. It has a deep scan recovery very appropriate for the virus attacked PC or bad boot sector. The deep scan recovery comes with raw mode hence reach every data. It is very advanced that it access all lost Twitter data. It works in various devices including the SD card, microSD, picture card, SDHC, CF (Compact Flash) Card, XD Picture Card, Memory Stick and many more. 

The interface is easy and using it need no training making it very convenient and reliable. Its advantages are many but the main ones are changing from one mode of recovery to another is very easy and also it is easy to save the lost data after retrieving it. You can search recovered files by name which makes it easy to access the file if you recall the name. 

It is not advisable for devices that have large disk that needs to be recovered, this is because it may take long to recover and it, may end up hanging your pc or slowing it down. Also not all files scans can be previewed making it hard to know which file you want to recover. For instance GIF files cannot be reviewed. Also in order to preview recovered documents, you must have a software cable to view the document 

Even with this cons, the pros prevails. It is convenient and easy to use making it worthwhile.

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