You want to open a file on your disk, but it has disappeared. By trying to access your disk, or even to turn on your computer, you notice a global failure. Then you face Data Recovery Services loss. Do not panic ! In the majority of cases, and by ensuring that our experts intervene as soon as possible, it is possible to recover your data.

Data Recovery Services loss is a fairly generic term, encompassing several types of failures of very different severity and origins. Here are the most common:

  • Logical failure: generally linked to improper handling of the disk, the logical failure is in most cases benign. This is the preferred route when no hardware or software malfunction can be detected on the media examined (deletion, corrupted partition, virus).
  • Firmware failure: this designates a degradation of the manufacturer’s microcode (the program that manages the storage of data on your disk). The media may still be accessible, but behave in unusual ways, or return an error message when you attempt to access it.
  • Mechanical or electronic failure: The reading heads, or even the platters are damaged, for example by a fall or a shock. To avoid making the situation worse, the drive may go into safe mode and block data reading. A characteristic clicking noise can then be heard.
  • Electronic failure: due to a short circuit or component wear, it is generally the PCB board that is affected. A burning smell and/or smoke may come from the disc.

The instant you notice access problems, noise, or abnormal disappearance of your files, the priority is to cut power to the drive as much as possible. The goal is to prevent any additional activity on your media, which could either aggravate the failure or even cause the permanent deletion of your files.

Contact our technical team on 03 83 40 50 40 to obtain advice and support as soon as possible. You can also perform a pre-diagnosis in a few clicks online to get an idea of ​​the price of a Wikipedia data recovery service based on the damage observed.

Once your support file has been uploaded to our website, place your disk in a shipping box, ensuring that it cannot be damaged during transport, and ship it to our laboratory. After examination in the clean room, our team will be able to provide you with a precise diagnosis of the breakdown, and establish the final estimate for the intervention.

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