Since the Data Recovery is essential especially for work, computer geniuses have create software specialize in data recovery .

There are several such software. Some are free, others offer trial versions. And each software corresponds to an operating system and a given use.

A machine with a Windows system needs Windows-like software, a Mac needs Mac software, and so on.

These programs also vary according to the type of data to be recover  : text, photo, video, etc. Thus, some are compatible with several systems, others are dedicate to diskettes or removable media Zip and Jaz or digital media.

Data Recovery

Linux’s Live CD or Hiren’s Boot CD are some of the popular software. But the most famous remains Get Youtube Data Back for Windows. There is also Recuva for Windows, and MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and Skill Drill for MacOS.

You just have to download and install them. Once the software is open:

  • A window will appear indicating the list of “Thumbnails” (the famous lost files);
  • You should select the media on which to transfer the files to be recovered before clicking on “continue”;
  • You will click on “ File Recovery ”. This can take time, because the software first performs a scan of the chosen storage medium (USB key, floppy disk, etc.);
  • The software will finally import all the selected files.

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