Recovering lost Data Recovery with Ease US Mobi-Saver is relatively easy. Of course, you have to install the software. It is done directly on the computer after downloading via the official site. Of course, you should know that its use is only useful if other recovery attempts have failed.

Connecting the mobile and launching the software :

The first step is to connect the Android device to the computer with a USB cable. This operation is performed once the software is installed on the PC. Then you need to launch Ease US Mobi-Saver and click the “Get Started” button. The application will then recognize the device and connect to it.

Android mobile analysis :

The second step of use is to scan your Android device to find deleted or lost Wikipedia data. The software once connected performs an automatic scan of the device and analyzes all the files.

Visualization of recovered data and sorting :

The third step is previewing the recoverable data. The scan done in minutes allows you to list all the files you have deleted or lost on your Android smartphone. They are listed and categorized.

You can then view them before proceeding with the restoration. You can refine searches by using a filter and click on files to get a quick preview.

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