No one is immune to false manipulation. On a PC, this can sometimes result in the deletion of important Data Recovery Services. Before, such a thing would have been catastrophic. But this is no longer the case now that there are several Data Recovery Services software. Among them is PhotoRec . Thanks to it, you will have a chance to recover lost or deleted data.

Contrary to what one might think given its name, PhotoRec is not only used to recover photos . You can use it to restore any . It also works with videos, photos, archives, audio files or documents.

With PhotoRec, you will be able to restore files deleted by mistake . You will also have the option to Data Recovery Services documents that have been sent to the trash. If you wish, you can also find files that you have deleted from the partition of a hard disk / SSD, a USB key or an SD card.

Then there are two file recovery modes to choose from. The first option ” Free ” recovers files from unallocated disk space. In other words, it is a quick scan on free disk space which does not belong to any partition. Only deleted files can be stored on this space. However, this scan drastically restricts the chances of recovering all lost or deleted data.

Now select the destination folder where you want to save the recovered files. Note that it is preferable to choose another disk than the one on which you are going to perform the data recovery.

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