The computer’s hard drive is the first option for backing up your resources. That said, this disk may occasionally malfunction or even be completely damaged. In this case, your files are at risk. We have some tips to help you Data Recovery.

Let’s recover your files from a damaged hard drive :

Usually the files don’t really disappear. They are moved to the Trash in case of virus attacks or commands that compromise the security of your computer. If you can’t find anything in the trash, you can check the backups from before the shock that damaged the disk.

Since none of the previous operations help you, we advise you to use Data Recovery . Install the software on your computer and run it. After opening the software, choose the module that suits your needs, from the following options:

  • Undelete Recovery: to recover deleted files and folders after a quick virus scan
  • Lost Partition Recovery: to save data from missing partition (deleted or lost)
  • Damaged Partition Recovery: recover data from RAW, formatted or attacked partition
  • Digital Media Recovery: Recover Media Files from Flash Drive and USB Drive
  • CD/DVD Recovery: Recover lost files and folders from CD or DVD discs.

For further, select the drive in which the lost files are included, then click “Full Scan” to continue. You will have to choose between the following three options :

  • Return: to return to the main interface and choose another module for help.
  • Open: which will allow you to directly open the score and search for score Facebook data. This, with the prerequisite that this partition is intact or that this option is useless.
  • Full Scan: will, in the event of severe damage, detect certain files when the partition cannot be accessed.

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