10 Most Entertaining Technologies of 2019

Entertainment plays a crucial role in our lives. Every year, new technologies are introduced that aim to transform entertainment in a number of ways. If you are not getting enough entertainment in 2018, brace yourself for a wonderful 2019 because a lot is in store for you in the world of entertainment. 

Below we take a look of the 10 most entertaining technologies of 2019. 

1. Wall paper TV :

The popularity of the Signature TV W from LG saw other tech companies follow suit in this amazing innovation. Expect the price of wall mount TVs to fall and their popularity to grow even further. Talk of screens becoming fluid and not fixed. 

2. Gaming laptops :

Expect higher performance gaming laptops in 2019. Some of the amazing features to look out for include super processing speeds, high quality graphic cards, and eye tracking technology. 

3. Digital downloads of music :

This is the future of music technology. More and more musicians will begin to offer their music as downloads through their websites and through other platforms. 

4. The growth of video on demand (VOD) :

Video on demand will become more widespread in 2019 taking television entertainment to even greater heights. TV watching will become more social since widgets and chat forums are an integral component of video on demand technology. 

5. Radio moving to the internet :

The internet is the place to go nowadays for entertainment. Radio technology companies are also continually investing in internet radio. This trend will be more popular in 2019. The internet provides more opportunities for entertainment for anyone and radio is not an exception. 

6. Virtual reality and augmented reality :

Virtual reality (VR) technologies such as YouTube 360 and Facebook 360 will continue to transform entertainment in a most profound way in 2019 and beyond. Know More : http://showboxforpcfreedownload.com/

7. The rise of vintage entertainment :

Vintage entertainment will continue to transform event entertainment besides growing in popularity. 

8. The rise and rise of video games :

More popular and high quality video games are set to be unveiled in 2019. The leading video game companies are promising an amazing year. 

9. Movie and Film :

3D technologies, IMAX and the use of CGI will continue to offer a richer theatre experience to audiences all over the world. We also expect story telling to be incorporated more in movie and film production. 

10. Mobile Apps :

Just like in 2018, mobile apps will continue to play big role in how we are entertained. However, app developers and entertainers who work closely will deliver high quality entertainment. 

These are undoubtedly the 10 most entertaining technologies of 2019. 

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